Special Offers

At Masdon ENT and Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of incentives and special offers. Below are just a few of our special offers.

  • 2-3 Years of Loss and Damage & Repair Coverage on Hearing Aids
  • Free Batteries
  • Quarterly Cleanings and Adjustments at No Charge
  • Yearly Hearing Instrument Evaluation
  • Drop Off Service

To learn more, call the main office at (256) 571-8450 today.


CaptionCall is a revolutionary telephone for anyone who has difficulty hearing on the phone. Telephones equipped with this service feature a transcript of each conversation that is displayed on a large, easily-readable screen, allowing individuals with hearing loss the ability to participate in telephone conversations.

Captioning occurs instantly, and there is no need to dial a separate number to receive the service. Each transcription is encrypted, making conversations safe and secure. Using CaptionCall allows you to remain socially engaged, preventing issues that plague many with hearing loss, such as loneliness and isolation.

Some CaptionCall telephones include an amplified handset that provides loud, clear sound, providing additional communication assistance to those with hearing loss.

Masdon ENT & Hearing Aids is proud to offer CaptionCall to anyone who might benefit from this service. Please contact us at (256) 571-8450 for additional information.